Kostas Mavromaras is an applied economist who specializes in social and economic policy relating to work, education, and health.

Mavromaras is director and professor of Economics at the Future of Employment and Skills Research Centre, University of Adelaide, Australia, where he leads a multidisciplinary research team specializing in economic and social policy primarily related to work, health, and education. He was the director of the National Institute of Labour Studies, Flinders University in 2009–2017 and programme director at the Melbourne Institute, Melbourne University in 2005–2009. He was previously employed at the University of Aberdeen (2000–2005) and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (1991–2000). He completed his PhD in the early 1980s (University of York, UK) and held short-term appointments at the University of Hull and at the IAB of the German Federal Employment Office. He is a research fellow of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation and the IZA (Germany), the Manchester School (UK), GLO (Netherlands), and the ESRI (Ireland).

He has consulted several governments and organizations, including Germany, UK, Greece, Scotland, European Union, Malaysia, Indonesia, OECD, CEDEFOP, ADB, and World Bank. Since 2005, he has consulted widely within Australia on issues relating to social and economic policy. He publishes consistently in top national and international applied economics, social policy, and econometrics journals.

Mavromaras’ research focuses on the changing nature of employment and skills, employment and health pathways, critical workforces (including aged care and disability support), and has been the chief investigator in a number of major national policy evaluations in Australia.